Sir Brian Leveson

Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office

IPCO provides independent oversight and authorisation of the use of investigatory powers by intelligence agencies, police forces and other public authorities.

IPCO’s purpose is to oversee how these powers are used, taking account of the public interest and ensuring that investigations are conducted in accordance with the law.

Sir Brian Leveson replaced Sir Adrian Fulford as the Investigatory Powers Commissioner on 21 October 2019. Before taking up this role, Sir Brian was President of the Queen’s Bench Division and Head of Criminal Justice for England and Wales.

  • Who we are

    Overseen by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner (IPC), IPCO currently employs approximately 50 people, including Inspectors, lawyers, communications experts and others. The team supports the IPC and the Judicial Commissioners in fulfilling their duties under the Act.

  • What we do

    IPCO provides independent oversight of the use of investigatory powers, as outlined in the Investigatory Powers Act 2016. This oversight includes the inspection and authorisation of the use of these powers by over 600 public authorities.

  • Investigatory Powers

    Investigatory powers allow certain organisations to gather information for investigative purposes, for example through surveillance techniques or the acquisition of communications data.

Recent Activity

  • Oversight of The Principles

    Through a formal Direction, the Prime Minister has instructed the Investigatory Powers Commissioner (IPC) to oversee and report on the application of The Principles from 1 January 2020. The Direction is in accordance with section 230(1) of the Investigato......

  • Intelligence watchdogs gather in The Hague

    Last week the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, Sir Brian Leveson, joined his European counterparts for the annual European Intelligence Oversight Conference. Organised this year by CTIVD, the Dutch intelligence oversight body, the conference is dedicat......

  • Australia’s terror legislation watchdog consults UK partners

    Last week, Australia’s Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM), Dr James Renwick, visited London as part of his national security consultation. During his visit, Dr Renwick met with the UK’s Investigatory Powers Commissioner......